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LineageOS - the successor to the highly popular custom ROM Cyanogen Mod

New Zealand IMEI number checker -is the handset blocked, stolen, other etc :)

To get the IMEI number type in '*#06#'

HTC Wildfire S

Unloack the ROM

I have a TNZ standard HTC Wildfire S, they come factory shipped - locked down and rom locked (aka you cant install su or custom roms).

Instructions to unlock the bootloader are here

Root the phone

The root options in the link above didnt work for me.

Using the clockwork recovery mod worked to add root permission to the device, follow these instructions 
[ Ck2NiHTTg]

Link (Thanks to bagofcrap24 from XDA)

Link 2:Recovery.img (Thanks to Schnello from XDA)

Link (Thanks to Heritz from XDA)

With an unlocked Wildfire S

Clockwork Mode recovery .zip file into fastboot folder

vol -down + power

Fastboot mode + USB


fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

once done, choose reboot from phone menu

transfer to sd card in phone.

reboot into fastboot

Free up the internal memory

Next mod that is required is to free up some of the internal memory

I'm using Link2SD application - this requires you to make two primary partions on your SD card (both Fat32), it will allow you to uninstall the factory applications, and then you can download them and install EVERYTHING on the sd card. other applications you can link the files to your 2nd SD card partition.