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Main tables are Filter, NAT, Mangle

  • Filter - default
  • NAT
  • Mangle - change IP Headers


Traversal Order: Pre --> Input --> Forward --> Output

  • Prerouting - Incoming packet
  • Input - Entering network stack
  • Forward - Routed through system
  • Output - Orginated on system and leaving system
  • Post Routing - Packet going on the wire

Incoming packets destined for the local system: Prerouting --> Input

Incoming packets destined to another host: Prerouting --> Foward --> Postrouting

Locally generated packets: Output --> Postrouting


Commands to manipulate network traffic.

Each rule in the chain is queried in order - if the packet does not match the next rule is examined.

Each rule had a matching component and a Target component (action)

List Rules

iptables -S

List Rules in the format used to add them

iptables -L --line-numbers

Add a rule above an existing

iptables -I INPUT [number] <rest of -L syntax>