Kia Rio GT Line

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2020 Kia Rio GT Line

1L Turbo 7 Speed DCT

Service Reset

Service Interval Reminder Reset Procedure for 2020 YB GT-Line

KIA changed the process to change the service distance / time reset procedure for the 2020 GT-line (YB), through trial and error I found the following

  1. Start the car or have the engine lights on (Start button twice without pressing the Brake)
  2. Navigate to the User Settings menu
  3. Select Service Interval
  4. Hold down OK and Cancel buttons
  5. Select OK
  6. No more reminders for 365 days or 10000km

ISG disable

This mimics pressing the ISG button when entering the car

The kit that I had custom made by BDWERL Car Accessories Whole Store

Description: For Hyundai Kia rio gt-line 2020 year Automatic start / stop of start / stop treasure default closermemory mode,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

LDWS Lane Departure Warning System disable

This mimics pressing the LDWS button when entering the car. Essentially this uses a voltage divider, by bridging Earth with a 510 Ohm resistor, the wire becomes approx 3.3v to the LDWS switch wire behind the switch 93700-H8RN0.

Plug Black - Earth Dark Green - LDWS switch wire Pink - Engine Accessory (+14.4 when engine is running)

I used two NE555 Adjustable Time Modules from aliexpress.

LDWS Circuit.png Ldws disable.jpg Ldws installed.jpg Ldws switch.jpg

This circuit waits 4 seconds, then "holds down" the LDWS button for 4 seconds. As the Switch state triggers on the rising edge, the LDWS is disabled at 4 seconds which makes it turn off about the same time the ABS Check light does on the dashboard


Service Manual

Kia Hotline

$10 AU / Hour

  • Workshop Manual
System Information, Engine Mechanical System, Engine Electrical System, Emission Control System, Fuel System, Clutch System, Transaxle/Transmission System, Suspension System, Steering System, Restraints System, Brake System, Body (Interior & Exterior), Body Electrical System, Heating-Ventilation-Air-conditioning System 
  • Supplement Shop Manual

Contains all system modifications and changes/updates to any vehicle model such as with a Facelift (F/L).

  • Electrical Troubleshooting Manual
  1. How to use the manual
  2. Schematic Diagrams
  3. Component Locations
  4. Connector Configurations
  5. Harness Layouts
  • Shop Manual for Components & Systems
The Shop Manual for Components & Systems contains:
Manual Transmission - How to overhaul manual transmission 
Automatic Transmission - How to overhaul manual transmission 
Engines (based on engine code) and divided into 
Diesel: overhauling diesel engines 


Engine: G3LC 998cc (kappa)

The cylinder block is aluminum and designed as an open-deck type with cast iron liner. There is also a cast iron crankshaft. The shape of counterweights was optimized to minimize vibrations of a three-cylinder engine, which made it possible to exclude balance shaft from the design. The crankshaft seats in the block with the 11 mm offset against the cylinders line. For friction reduction, optimized lightweight pistons with a compression height of 24.7 mm and a short skirt length were applied. Piston rings are coated with Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD); piston skirts are MoS2-coated.

The 1.0L Kappa engine has an aluminum cylinder head with four valves per cylinder and double overhead camshafts. The head design includes pent-roof combustion chambers and tumble intake ports. The intake and exhaust camshafts are driven by a timing chain. The first in 1.0-liter class, the valvetrain was equipped with Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing (Dual-CVVT) system. To reduce valvetrain inertial mass and friction, engineers applied mechanical lash adjusters (MLA tappets) with thin walls and taper valve springs.

The G3LA is a naturally aspirated engine, which has a convenient port fuel injection. The intake system includes two intake manifold options - with constant length or variable length (Hyundai's VIS). Both of them are made of plastic to reduce weight and costs. The exhaust manifold is made of cast iron - a little bit heavier than a stainless steel one but 30% cheaper.

The G3LC engine has a new split-cooling concept. The cooling system consists of two separate cooling channels for the cylinder head and engine block. Each of the channels has an individual thermostat. The cylinder block is heated more for lower friction and more efficiently run. The cylinder head is operating at lower temperatures to optimize injection and combustion.


  • Cabin Filter 97133-D1000 $12NZD Aliexpress