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The trials and tribulations that I've faced trying to take my Media Server and put it in a cupboard some distance from the TV that its connected to. DVI to HDMI Cables

Wiring an existing home for Highdef TV

Problem Statement-

Digital TV is coming to New Zealand, and my parents house was about to be left in the dark. My parents home had very old TV Cabling (pre RG59), signal quality was rubbish, no UHF reception, SKY decoder in one room of the house (re-injectected via the RF output of the box into the rest of the house), a 60M run between the satellite, antennas and the main TV room.

I wished to accomplish the following:

  • Decent quality TV
  • Freeview UHF in every room
  • SKY Picture in every room
  • SKY Changeable from selected rooms (without using Wireless senders which have been troublesome in the past)
  • Potentially a satellite feed in every room also
  • Constrained regarding how much cable could be run into each room using existing ducts etc.


  • Satellite power DC can not exist in a RG6 cable with injected remote extenders (both use DC)
  • The modulator in a SKY box is of poor poor quality
  • IR entenders using dedicated wiring (cat5) are more common
  • Satellite and UHF signals can be fed into the same RG6 without affecting each other or the devices on each end


  • Bite the bullet and run RG6 into each room for the RF signals, and Cat5 into each room for transmission of the remotes RF signals.
  • Remove exising antennas and replace with a new Matchmaster 4 dipole phased array antenna (02MM-EE06) - this antenna is good for bad reception areas especially where there ar trees and water between the house and the transmitter
  • Install new RG6 Twinshielded cable from a new UHF antenna and Satellite
  • New Matchmaster Digital Distribution Amplifier - (10MM-DDA28) - this combines the Satellite + UHF feeds + allows you to re-inject the modulated SKY (or Security camera) feed.

' 'DIGITAL* - Sky HDMI -> 4K HDMI Splitter -> SATLINK WS-6990 DVB-T Modulator --> which then runs RG6 to the Dist-Amp to be re-injected around the house ' 'ANALOG* New Matchmaster Stereo Modulator (10MM-MT57) - AV out from SKY box is plugged into this, which then runs RG6 to the Dist-Amp to be re-injected around the house

  • Replace all RG59 cable with RG6 + Cat 5 cable

At this point in time, the TV signal part has been done and is working exceptionally well, the old UHF antenna never really worked (back in the Analog days there wasn't a picture most of the time), under Digital TV there hasn't been a problem since it went in. The SKY picture around the house isn't 720p but its much improved from what it was.

The Digital Distribution Amp really is the key to the story, it combined all the functions I was wanting with the exception of the RF transmission. The SKY box and all the TV's have simply been plugged into the 'output' cables of the Dist Amp, no filters or di-plexers, everything works straight out of the box.

IR Extenders

Controlling a SKY decoder / Freeview box that is in one room (that is broadcast around the house) from every other room in the house

Options I have found, you need to use a quality kit - the measure is being able to control a SKY HDi Box :)

Compare the two options that are available locally, price is for having 4 rooms with tv's, 1 room has the device we want to control from around the house (thus must repeat 3 signals)

*Blueeye* << this is the option I'm going with

Part Description Price ea (exc) Quantity Total exc
Active Flasher Module $89 1 $89
Stealth IR Reciever $64 3 $192
Power Pack PP1 12v $33 1 $33
Distribution Hub (upto 5 source, 1 sync) $89 1 $89
inc $463.45

*Channel Vision USA*

Part Description Price US ea (exc) Quantity Total US exc
IR-3002 Dual Emitter / Flasher $8.19 1 $8.19
P-1205 Amplified Hub $47.95 1 $47.95
C1201 Wired Hub (upto 8) $39.95 1 $39.95
IR-2400 Plama Proof Reciever) $63 3 $63
12VDC P-1205 AC Adapter) $30ish 1 $30
inc NZ $440

*Catlink Control Plus*

Part Description Price ea (exc) Quantity Total exc
CL-EMADP1 Emitter Adapter $22.55 1 $22.55
EM01 Emitter $20.17 1 $20.17
CL-IRM0238 - Reciever Head $86.33 3 $86.33
Cl-EHUB38 Distribution Hub (unlimited #) $110.11 1 $110.11
CL-PSR1806 AC Adapter) $23.76 1 $23.76
Create a Parallel wired Patch Panel x 1 $x
inc $500.917