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Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager

I have not used this monitoring tool since 2015, the core functionality remains the same. It is extremely good at polling devices using SNMP efficiently, aggregating and computing statistics. Its downfall has always been the front end. Think of this as what NAGIOS wants to grow up to be like. Configured well, it is light weight and will not stress network elements unlike Info Vista which is inefficient at collection and will run network elements into the ground trying to pull KPI/KQI/Statistics/Monitoring.

History - How the product became what it is today

Support - Lifecycle

TNPM 1.4 Hints and Tips

Useful Links

Proviso BULK Whitepaper - An old Performance Validation paper from Quallaby

Datachannel Description - What each component does

Datachannel Commands - Useful commands to debug Datachannel Components

fix Datachannel Issues - How to resolve issues with the Datachannel

Datamart Commands - Useful commands to work with the database

decryptpass - Proviso Password Decrypt tool written by John Marley

dataview - Queries that use the Silverstream dataaccess API


Cisco Invariants Starting Discovery Automatically

Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SAM Technology Pack - and SAM related info

Database Duplicates - Remove duplicates which cause reporting errors

Extend META Tablespaces

Normal AMGR snoop capture

Neils Exporter / Importer Scripts

TNPM 1.3x Hints and Tips & Patch information

Deployer TNPM Installation tool / update tool

TNPM Collecting info for PMR

Bulk Data Collector - BCOL

Netcool SSM Agent

Mass Data Extraction Tools

Proviso 4.4.1 Quick install Guide

Proviso 4.4.3 Generic Start

Ports and Connectivity

SNMP walk a device

KPI's and Formulas

Custom Junos XML API

Database SQL

Datachannel CME Smalltalk

Wirelinetraps SNMP Traps

TIP / TCR / Webgui Integration

Technology Pack Notes


Links to other websites I've found useful

EPOCH and GMT time Conversions on-line