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Lots of good cameras avaiable from China use the XMEYE app backend.

The default webpage provided by the firmware only works with an extension that runs on an ancient version of windows explorer (Circa WinXP), thus you must use the xmeye app or cms or a DVR to view the camera stream

There are some tricks to get them going first off.

  • Download CMS Software

[drive.google.com/folderview?id=1D1gw WWFGUhQOVl9UeI02U5229OkrPF]

  • Add Devices - most times the search function will not work, use the following settings
User Admin
Pass [[blank]]
Port 34567
Type H246DVR
  • One the Left hand naviagtion - double click the camera name
  • You will now see a Camera feed below the camera name, drag this to a window in the CMS and the stream should start.
  • Right click the camera name - Device Config

// HINT: Cancel = Back //

  • System - General - Language - set to English, set the timezone

// At this point if you were to browse to the cameras IP - the buttons will have english labels now //

  • System - Network - Make these settings match your network (if you change the IP, the camera will need to be re-added again)
  • System - Net Service - NTP, enable and configure, - Cloud - disable unless you want to access your camera remotely using the xmeye app/ website.

// HINT : to use xmeye app - you will need to know the serial of the camera - this is under Info - Version (a hex string)

  • Advanced - Account - Select Admin - Modify PW. (if you change the IP, the camera setting will need to be modified in the CMS)

How to get video / images from the camera

  • ONVIF 2.0 Port 8899 ;
  • RTSP Port 554 ;
  • HTTP Port 80;
  • Media Port 34567
  • Hidden Telnet 9527

RTSP Stream using VLC Main (1080P)




Snapshot Image (substream) - doesnt require auth!


ONVIF Compliance levels: https://www.getscw.com/knowledge-base/onvif-compliance/


Get the model number - Series of 17 digits ie

System: v4.02.R12.00006510.10010.1407
000 06 510.10010.1407

Model = 00006510

Place Name Description
ABC OEM Manufacturer ID
DE Platform ID
  • 00: TI,
  • 01: Hisilicon 16M,
  • 02: Hisilicon 8M (S38),
  • 03: TI (_S models),
  • 04: Ambarella,
  • 05: Hisilicon 16M,
  • 06: Hisilicon 8M (Hi3518E)
FGH Compile Version
J Cloud Service 0: No; 1: Yes
K Basic Video Analytics 0: No; 1: Yes
L Advanced Video Analytics 0: No; 1: Yes
M ONVIF Server (IPC) 0: No; 1: Yes
N ONVIF Client (NVR) 0: No; 1: Yes
OPRQ R&D version 0: No; 1: Yes