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Cisco vs Juniper commands https://networking.ringofsaturn.com/Cisco/ciscojuniper.php

Python on Junos hosts https://www.juniper.net/documentation/en_US/junos/topics/reference/general/junos-python-modules-on-device.html

Service Requests - What to collect https://kb.juniper.net/InfoCenter/index?page=content&id=KB26990&actp=METADATA

Bootable USB

Create a boot USB https://www.juniper.net/documentation/en_US/jsa7.3.1/jsa-installation-guide/topics/concept/concept-jsa-installation-guide-usb-flash-drive-installations.html



Find the Disk
 sudo diskutil umount /dev/rdisk2s1
Copy  (note the r pre-pended to the device name = raw and rdisk2 (not rdisk2s1!!)
 sudo dd if=/Users/neilt/Software/junos/junos-install-media-usb-mx-x86-64-19.4R3.11.img of=/dev/rdisk2 bs=1m
 diskutil eject /dev/rdisk2s1

Proxy for NZ to get Juniper images https://juniper.networks.fail/

curl --proxy juniper.networks.fail:3128 -o <filename> https://cdn.juniper.net/blah

CLI Moving Around

  • Left/Right Arrows or Ctrl-B Back one character and Ctrl-F Forward one character
  • Ctrl-A To beginning of line
  • Ctrl-E To end of line

  • Ctrl-U Delete all characters
  • Ctrl-W Delete entire word to left of cursor

  • Ctrl-L Redraw the current line

Command History

  • Up/Down Arrows or Ctrl-P move backwards through command history and Ctrl-N move forward through command history


  • Deactivate - configuration is not loaded
deactivate interfaces ae1 unit 2
activate interfaces ae1 unit 2
  • Disable - Configuration is loaded by ignored
  • Trunk - has vlan tags
  • Access - naked ethernet
  • Fx / ex0 = management
show configuration | display inheritance no-comments
show configuration | display inheritance no-comments | display set | match foo

Loading config

configure private
load replace /var/tmp/someconfig.cfg
show | compare
commit check
commit <synchronize> and-quit

Patch / exclude group from leaf

load patch terminal
[edit access profile aaa-profile radius]
-    apply-groups-except BNGRadius;
+    apply-groups-except [ BNGRadius BNGRadiusLab ];
+    authentication-server;
+    accounting-server;

Quick backup and rollback

Save a full copy of the current config - in conf mode just issue

save /var/tmp/hostname.conf

To restore back to exactly as you left it issue

load override /var/tmp/hostname.conf

Mount a USB

Connect to the shell with start shell
See a list of existing partitions with ls /dev/da*
Plugin the USB drive; A list of mount information will appear
Run ls /dev/da* again, and see an additional partition is available, such as /dev/da1s1
Create a mount point with mkdir /var/tmp/usb
Mount the partition with mount_msdosfs [partition] /var/tmp/usb
Copy files as required with cp
Unmount the partition with umount /var/tmp/usb
Remove the USB drive

Common MX Interfaces

ge Gbit (Fibre)

xe 10Gb

et 100Gb (some 10Gb, 40Gb, 100GB)

xe-1/2/0.1 Vlan tag 1

xe-1/2/0:140Gb interface channelised to operate as individual 10Gb interfaces (since 40Gb = 4 x 10Gb physically anyhow) PLR4 Optic N.B set chassis fpc 1 pic 2 port 0 channel-speed 10g

L2 - L3 MTU

The following sets a 1500 L2 MTU (thus L3 less headers)

        interfaces {
            <*> {
                unit <*> {
                    encapsulation ethernet;
                    mtu 1500;
                    family inet {
                        filter {
                            input inet-somefilter-in;

The following sets a 1500 L3 MTU (no matter how the service arrived at the port - non-tagged, 1 tag or 2 vlan tags)

        interfaces {
            <*> {
                unit <*> {
                    encapsulation ethernet;
                    family inet {
                        mtu 1500;
                        filter {
                            input inet-somefilter-in;

LAG Issues


Show Lag members:

user@router> show lacp interfaces
Aggregated interface: ae1
    LACP state:       Role   Exp   Def  Dist  Col  Syn  Aggr  Timeout  Activity
      xe-0/1/1       Actor    No    No   Yes  Yes  Yes   Yes     Fast    Active
      xe-0/1/1     Partner    No    No   Yes  Yes  Yes   Yes     Fast    Active
      xe-0/1/0       Actor    No    No   Yes  Yes  Yes   Yes     Fast    Active
      xe-0/1/0     Partner    No    No   Yes  Yes  Yes   Yes     Fast    Active
    LACP protocol:        Receive State  Transmit State          Mux State
      xe-0/1/1                  Current   Fast periodic Collecting distributing
      xe-0/1/0                  Current   Fast periodic Collecting distributing

Normal config:

set interfaces ae1 description "Ultimate LAG"
set interfaces ae1 flexible-vlan-tagging
set interfaces ae1 mtu 9100
set interfaces ae1 encapsulation flexible-ethernet-services
set interfaces ae1 aggregated-ether-options lacp active
set interfaces xe-0/1/0 description "Im a member of a LAG |  member of ae1"
set interfaces xe-0/1/0 gigether-options 802.3ad ae1

Take an interface out of a lag

deactivate interfaces xe-0/1/0 gigether-options

Put an interface back into a lag

activate interfaces xe-0/1/0 gigether-options



Display all routes in a routing-instance (cant use auto complete)

show route table <routing-instance_name>
show route receive-protocol bgp <neighbour IP>
show route instance <name> detail
deactivate routing-instances <name> protocols bgp group <group name / Domestic> neighbour <IP>

What mpls connections there are

 show bgp summary

get the IPAddress of the connection (looking for advertised prefixes)

show bgp neighbour

Find out what the advertised prefixes are

show route advertising-protocol bgp

Change isis metric (set it high so traffic will not perfer this interface

set protocols isis interface et-0/0/16.0 level 2 metric 200

Do the same but via a group - remember to do it at both ends!

set groups AvoidLink apply-flags omit
set groups AvoidLink protocols isis interface <*> level 2 metric 500
set protocols isis interface xe-1/2/2.0 apply-groups AvoidLink
set protocols isis interface xe-1/2/4.0 apply-groups AvoidLink

Prefix Limits

Find the limints at PeeringDB https://www.peeringdb.com/

set routing-instances IXname protocols bgp group Bilat-ASname description ASname
set routing-instances IXname protocols bgp group Bilat-ASname peer-as 123456
set routing-instances IXname protocols bgp group Bilat-ASname neighbor [ipv4address] family inet unicast prefix-limit maximum 350
set routing-instances IXname protocols bgp group Bilat-ASname neighbor [ipv6address] family inet6 unicast prefix-limit maximum 350

MTU testing

ping routing-instance <name> <IP> size 1500

Disable an interface carrying MPLS

  • Disable ISIS @ both ends set protocols isis interface [x] level 2 metric 30 disable
  • Wait for tarffic to close /end then shutdown the interface

Reserved Capacity

user@host> show rsvp interface et-0/0/8.0 detail
et-0/0/8.0 Index 564, State Ena/Up
  NoAuthentication, Aggregate, Reliable, LinkProtection
  HelloInterval 9(second)
  ActiveResv 731, PreemptionCnt 0, Update threshold 10%, MaxResvTh 0bps, 0%
  Subscription 100%, StaticBW 100Gbps, AvailableBW 51.7439Gbps, Actual 100%
  ReservedBW [0] 0bps[1] 0bps[2] 0bps[3] 21.6205Gbps[4] 0bps[5] 0bps[6] 26.6356Gbps[7] 0bps

3 is Primary, 6 is Secondary - reserved capacity


show services nat mappings address-pooling-paired

BNG Subscribers

PPPoE config and examples https://tgregory.org/tag/juniper-mx-bng/

Count number of subscribers per pseudo wire

 show subscribers physical-interface ps13 client-type vlan count

Clearing subscribers, only need to clear the L3 sessions - this automatically clears the L2 sessions (or should):
clear dhcp relay binding routing-instance Customers dual-stack 116.yyy.yyy.yyy
clear dhcp relay binding routing-instance Customers ps1.xxxx
clear dhcpv6 relay binding routing-instance Customers ps1.xxxx
clear dhcpv6 relay binding routing-instance Customers ps0.*
clear dhcpv6 relay binding routing-instance Customers ps2.*
clear dhcpv6 relay binding routing-instance Customers ps3.*
clear dhcpv6 relay binding routing-instance Customers ps4.*
  • or PPPoE subs:
clear pppoe sessions pp0.3221225754

  • Clear the VLAN interface
clear auto-configuration interfaces ps6.3221273839

Show the dynamic-profile attributes that are applied and their values to a subscriber session

show dynamic-configuration session information session-id <session-id>


show ddos-protection protocols dhcpv6 violations
jddosd[20065]: DDOS_PROTOCOL_VIOLATION_CLEAR: INFO: Host-bound traffic for protocol/exception Sample:aggregate has returned to normal. Its allowed bandwith was exceeded at fpc 1 for 181 times, from 2017-09-30 12:36:18 NZDT to 2017-09-30 12:36:28 NZDT

Firewalls SRX

Firewalls - IP Spoofing

If there is a rule that is meant to allow the flow, most probable that the source address has no route, so the firewall drops the traffic before the rule is attempted.
[junos@2636. attack-name="IP spoofing!" source-address="" destination-address="" protocol-id="17" source-zone-name="ZONE_A" interface-name="xe-0/0/17.9" action="drop"]

Flows - Debugging

show security flow session destination-prefix 
clear security flow session interface ge-0/0/1.1 destination-prefix


Login on console as admin/root (as authentication may not be working)

Identify node vs device name - also look at the prompt

show chassis routing-engine
Routing Engine status:
    CPU temperature             62 degrees C / 143 degrees F

Routing Engine status:
    Temperature                 38 degrees C / 100 degrees F
    CPU temperature             65 degrees C / 149 degrees F


Show Cluster

show chassis cluster status
Cluster ID: 3
Node   Priority Status               Preempt Manual   Monitor-failures

Redundancy group: 0 , Failover count: 1
node0  0        secondary            no      yes      CF
node1  255      primary              no      yes      None

Redundancy group: 1 , Failover count: 1
node0  0        secondary            no      no       IF CS CF
node1  1        primary              no      no       None

Redundancy group: 2 , Failover count: 1
node0  0        secondary            no      no       IF CS CF
node1  1        primary              no      no       None

If its already been failed over manually, this will need to be reset:

request chassis cluster failover reset redundancy-group 0

Kick over the cluster

> request chassis cluster failover redundancy-group 0 node 1
Initiated manual failover for redundancy group 0

Then reboot the affected side of the cluster

request system reboot node 0

Inital Build

request system configuration rescue save
request system autorecovery state save
request system snapshow slice alternative

Root Password recovery


Login to unresponsive RE

request routing-engine login other-routing-engine
request routing-engine login (backup | master | other-routing-engine | re0 | re1)


show interfaces diagnostics optics xe-1/0/0
show system processes extensive | match chassisd
help topic interfaces family
show chassis hardware
show chassis pic fpc-slot 0 pic-slot 0
  • Ifdown set interfaces ge-0/0/7 disable
  • Ifup delete set interfaces ge-0/0/7 disable


Will only the traffic to/from the bng loopback

monitor traffic interface ps1.0

How packet stats in realtime

monitor interface ps4.12345

Copy between cluster nodes

file copy /var/tmp/abc.log node1:/var/log/

Packet Capture

monitor traffic interface ps5 size 1600 write-file filename.pcap